Monday, March 8, 2010


For years to be added unto me, I do not proclaim
To acknowledge your deeds, I do proclaim
My tears you took and fertiled the soil
So, in vain no longer shall be my toil
For no adoration unnoticed, passed you
Even if I’ ve got no gold
Worship I’ ll still give unto you
For you are God
I can see your deeds splattered over the shores of time
And for that and for you, my lips shall rhyme

Like a dog, I shall wag my tail
Just to demonstrate my tale
In time of distress, I shall not stagger
Rather, like David I shall go gaga
For when I was down and out
You gave me reason to live again
So, like a child, I shall skip about
For your knowledge has become my gain
Even at the time of no dime
For that and for you, my lips shall rhyme

On your command, still the waters stayed
On the mention of your name, evil fled
By you, man was made
And by your power, the devil bled
Just like a child, your praise, my lips shall mumble
Like thunder, your praise, my lips shall rumble
Like a mad man, I shall speak in unknown tongues
Out of insanity, I shall blaster in unknown tongues
When I get dumbfounded, I shall mime
And for that and for you, my lips shall rhyme

The poem “MY LIPS SHALL RHYME” was written by Stanley Ejiogu and can be used for reflection purposes. If it has to be read, the author’s name has to be mentioned.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright © 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


They never contested

They shot their way to the top

Till we protested

And blew our top

Promising us a change

They left

Looking at the right,hoping for a change

We forgot the left

From there they came

And kings they became

No longer in their original forms

Because there were no uniforms

Which they' ve traded for gowns

And their caps, they exchanged for clowns

So life really became a stage

A palace without a page

They, the actors

We, the spectators

Being forced to cheer

Because we are afraid of the deer

Just like their skin, their hearts are black

Looking forward and never turning back

Because soldiers will always be soldiers

And every houses will always look like a barrack

Of ourselves, we are prisoners

Looking ahead for better days to come

But when shall it become?

When the owl still howls at night

And the deer still prowls with might

Because like coal, the heart of man is black

And a voice still rings at night weeping,

'Which way Nigeria'?


The Poem, WHICH WAY NIGERIA? was written by Stanley Ejiogu. No part of this poem
should be reproduced in any form without the consent of the Author. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


On and on I walked, unto the throes of darkness
Unknown, the evil that belies ahead
So lonely like the wilderness
But on and on, I forged ahead
And no one to comfort me in this great moment of my forsakeness
In this great moment, when heaviness becometh my head
No one around to console me, in this great moment of my nothingness
Not even my constant companion- my shadow
Or do they only stay in the meadow?
So grief became my best companion
At this moment, I felt like I could not be saved
Not even by my lucky medallion
Because in and in, the road caved
Leading me to the house of doom
As if I already have a room
I can feel the claws of evil
Clawing, clawing at my soul
With the intent to rip it apart
I can feel the mauls of evil
Mauling, mauling at my soul
With the intent to rip it apart
I can still hear the voice of the preacher
Still staying, "vanity, all is vanity"
And I wonder why the preacher
Chose to come at this moment of insanity
Does it mean I still have a chance?
Does it mean this is all a trance?
Then I cried, "mercy"!
I looked up at the black sky and cried, "mercy"!
For now, I' ve seen and known, nevertheless
The colour of the shadow of darkness


Friday, December 18, 2009


Don't want to end up like my friends of' course
Gone of a just course
I shall not grieve so much
For one way or the other, we shall all go as such
And when I have to go, it shall be for a reason
Though they call it treason
The vultures of this earth
Always gladdened at the sight of death
With no respect for humanity
Thinking that life on earth is eternity
Vampires! getting so fat on our blood
Though it sounds odd
But for how long shall you betray a brother?
For how long shall you betray a sister?
The trust they gave you, you betrayed
And in you, I saw no conscience portrayed
I see! I see! Revolution
I see! I see! Rebellion
I can see blood on the streets
I can hear the sound of the drum beats
Because when you push a man for so long
Violence becomes his song
But unto him you blameth not
But unto thee who shareth their lot
From the mist emerges a traveller
And slowly he walks like a toddler
But unto his destination, he is no stranger
From his manifestation, emanates danger
Upon your stair case he tops
On your door he stops
Knock! knock! on your door he knocks
Before you could ask" who's there"?
Click! click! the door unlocks
Then he tries to answer your question, "who's there"?
But a word he could not utter
He tried again to say his name, but all he could do was stutter


The poem NE-ME-SIS was written by Stanley Ejiogu and no part of it should be reproduced in any form without the consent of the author. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.